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The Hollows Series  Here you'll find excerpts of the first pages and any reissue covers.
       The series book order, including novellas and shorts .

Shorts and Novellas Excerpts of the first pages.

Madison Avery

Princess Series

Truth Books

To contact me:  I've had to limit my email correspondence due to "overload" but I'm still responding (almost daily) to posts at my facebook page.  If you need to contact me concerning any rights revolving about the books, please email my agent Richard Curtis directly, since he's the man and I probably can't help you.  For business matters, I can be reached at my email address, but please, I'd rather field everything else at the drama box.  I will not respond to private emails unless they are of a business nature. Please use the posting feature at the drama box page to contact me for non-business-related comments.  I will gladly talk to you there.  Requests for cover quotes should go through Richard as well.  I want to stay accessible, and this is how I'm going to try to do it. 

You can also find me on Facebook | Kim Harrison

FAQs  I know you never go look before you post, but here they are.  ;-)

Like your Copy Signed?  We have options. Want to purchase one already signed?  I have a few outlets on the same page.

Occasionally I have freebies.  Here is where you'll find them.

Can't find the books?  I've got a list for you of big-box, independents, and oversea outlets

The Music, because that's where the soul of the story resides.

Takata's Lyrics  He writes them through me, but I'm not enough of a musician to compose his music.

Events Here's where I've been and where I'm going.

Picture Pages  I like to keep a few pictures from signings.  Here's where they are, way at the bottom of the events page. 

I also have a page devoted to real sites mentioned in the books.

Bits and Bobs. This is my miscellaneous page.  On it, I have a few extras penned by Rachel concerning her fellow Inderland species, a brief timeline, a short holiday piece, and a banner you can upload to your computer for your personal use, and just what are burning bunnies, anyway?

Author Bio 

Media Page  Professional bio, stats, high-res photos, links to current interviews and pod casts, all freely available for media use.

Kim Harrison's Dragon How to knit your own.

Inquires upon book rights can be made by contacting Richard Curtis.

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