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The Undead Pool saw a return to my usual late February, early March publication, and though I hit about the same number of cities in my two weeks out, the tour was decidedly slanted to the East Coast with Minneapolis and New Orleans about as far west as it got. It was hard not getting out to the West Coast and some of the more familiar stores, but a thrill to see so many new faces amid the snowy North.

Below, you'll find some of the highlights. Most of the pictures have been taken down in the interests of space and time.



Nicola's, Ann Arbor MI

We started off in Michigan at my very own local independent store, Nicola's. This is my signed book outlet, and it was a lot of fun going in early and signing for those of you who took advantage of it.

My roadies! I don't think I've ever seen so many tour shirts in one place. You guys really came out for the kick-off, and I thank you. Lets do it again next year. :-) (just click the photo to go to the high res if you're looking to pick it up for yourself.)

As always, we started off with about 20 minutes of Q&A. My favorite part.

The crew at Nicolas! The woman in black is the person who organizes and ships out those signed and personalized books you've been ordering. Thank you, Ms. P!


JosephBeth, Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati! It felt like coming home when we came round that bend and saw the new skyline. That blue building on the right is the crown building. There was some discussion whether or not to include it in the skyline of the Hollows Insider. I voted not to, because the timeline of the books didn't have it.

Once there, it was a quick lunch a block from Fountain Square, and then on to some media. Soon as the segments have aired, I'll have links to them. One is video, taken at The Cincinnatian, the hotel that I feature in the last book.

And then the signing! I can not believe how many roadies were there. (if you're wanting a high-res picture, click the image to pull it up, then snag it for your own use.) It was a packed house, with people standing in the stacks. :-) The questions were great, and everyone's patience was appreciated as it took a long time to get to the end. I left a handful of signed copies, but we pretty much sold them out. :-) This is a very cool store, so if you've never been there, go check them out. They floored me with the Hollows-themed menu they'd created with the nearby eatery. You could get a demon coffee, and even a dead-man's float! (It was so cool!)


Barnes and Noble, Minneapolis (Edina) MN

And again, we had Undead Pool roadies! Whew! It had been a couple of years since I'd been to Minneapolis, and over half the crowd had never been to one of my events before. Lots of good questions, and a few surprises . . .
(if you'd like a high res photo of the roadie shot, just click it. The one here is shrunk for faster loading.)

It's hard to see from the picture, but this is the "real" Devin Crossman. No, not really, but he won the photo contest a few years back to have his picture in the Hollows Insider as Devin Crossman. It was great to finally meet him!


Barnes and Noble, Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh! I'd never been to Pittsburgh, but like Cincinnati, you guys have kept your architecture. You have your windy, twisty roads, your history, and even a river running through it. Makes me wonder if maybe I should base a spinnoff series there. (Things that make you go, hummmm . . .) I had lots of roadies, and because it was a "virgin" crowd, lots of questions and even more books. Thank you everyone who hung to the end to get all your books signed. It was a great event. If you want a high res version of the roadies photo, just click and lift for your own use.

This was the event that was live-broadcast. We had some difficulty with the sound, as I understand it, but it's been cleaned up and archived. If you can't make it to an event, this is the next best thing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FN2_x7lapsQ&feature=youtu.be

There are three generations of readers here. Nanna, is on the i-phone. :-) That is the best feeling.

Me and some of the associates at Pittsburgh's B&N who helped with the signing. Thank you, guys! It was a great event!


Northshire Bookstore, Saratoga Springs, NY

Northshire! I'd never been to Northshire books in Saratoga, but it was a great event with lots of readers and even a few roadies. (just click the image to go to a high-resolution photo for you to lift) They have a great SF/fantasy section, and I left a lot of signed stock if you are in the area and missed out.

The front window display was magnificent, and it shows just how important books and readers are to the people at the store.


Barnes and Noble, New York, NY

New York was as wonderful as always, and to make it even more special, Guy and I had the chance to hang out with some of the people at Harper and B&N who make the books the success they are.

My favorite picture. It's so rare to get us all in one place!

My NY roadies! Thank you, ladies for braving the cold. (click the photo to go to a high res picture that you can snag for yourself.) This is probably the only shot you'll ever see of me with a tiara and blue sparkles. (nahhh, I'd do it again.)


Ridgefield Library, CT (hosted by Books on the Common)

The Ridgefield Library was probably my most enthusiastic crowd to date. I might even go so far as to say the most energetic per capita I've ever had the good fortune to talk with. I had only two roadies, but that's not surprising as it's the first time I'd ever been there. Books on the Common was the bookseller on site, and I left a couple of signed books with them if you're in the area and missed the event.

The Connecticut ladies! I think these ladies were the reason the crowd was so excited. They were fabulous!


Boston Public Library, MA (hosted by Pandemonium Books)

This is what a happy author looks like . . .

And this is my Boston roadies helping me celebrate that The Undead Pool is going to drop into the number one spot on the New York Times bestseller hardcover list next week. (insert happy dance here) Phew! It was a very good night, not just for me, but my team in New York who was behind the massive promotional effort that started in October. It feels good when everything you do comes together.

This was the second time I'd been to the Boston Public Library, and it was the best! Lots of familiar faces and people I'd been in contact with on FB.


Quail Ridge Books and Music, Raleigh, NC

Quail Ridge Books and Music was a packed house! If Raleigh is anything, it's enthusiastic. There were tons of tour Ts from this and previous years, and even a few homemade Hollows shirts which I loved seeing. The store itself is wonderful, with staff that know and love books. I left lots of signed stock and even a few Free Vampire Society pins if you're in the area and missed the signing. (Just click the picture to go to the high-resolution family photo)


Books A Million, Columbia, SC

Click the photo to go to the high resolution photo to lift for your own use.

My long-time friend and mentor, Faith Hunter, was at the BAM event in Columbia to help me celebrate that number one spot, and she got everyone excited as they waited for me to arrive. There was even cake, and a beautiful card that a great many of the readers signed. It might seem odd, but seeing all those signatures after I spent the afternoon giving you mine--made me feel really good and connected. Thank you.

Me and Faith Hunter. She writes the Jane Yellowrock series, and having the chance to see her on tour was a real treat.


Fox Tale Book Shoppe, Atlanta (Woodstock) GA

And we had roadies at Fox Tale Books in Atlanta! Wow, it was a great signing, with people coming from all over the south to get their book signed and ask me a question or two. (Just click the photo to get to the high res version for your own use.)

And Vampy had a surprise as well, with a book signed by a great number of you! Thank you, Vampy. What a sweet idea!


Garden District Books, New Orleans, LA

I'd never been to New Orleans, so I wasn't sure how many readers would be there, but you surprised me with how many roadies there were. It was an almost virgin crowd with only one person who'd been to one of my events before--meaning there were lots of fabulous questions! (Just click photo to go to the higher resolution photo for your own use.)

Two of my more enthusiastic readers. :-)

And the crew at Garden District Books! Thanks, Guys. It was a great event.


Schuler Books and Music, Lansing MI

Schuler's was the last stop on the tour, and it did not fail to impress! I think I had the biggest variety of tour T's here than any other. And the readers! My gosh, they were enthusiastic, coming from as far as six hours away. (just click the photo to go to the higher resolution picture for to snag for yourself)

The readers even brought cake! And what a cake it was, crafted especially for not only The Undead Pool, but St. Patrick's day as well. You can't see from here, but there are Tink curses on it, and a salute to the leprechaun who started it all. Thank you again. It was so wonderful.












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