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EVER AFTER was released an entire month early! It meant loosing my usual "see spring happen across the U.S." extravaganza, but I'm looking forward to seeing it here in my backyard for the first time almost ten years. One thing I asked of my publicist was that she'd try to have a few more stops in the warmer half of the U.S. and she obliged with lots of stops in TX and a few new ones in the south east. Still, Michigan, Ohio, and Denver managed to snag a spot for which I was grateful despite the cold. We started off in Michigan at my very own local independent store, Nicola's. This is my signed book outlet, and it was a lot of fun going in early and signing for those of you who took advantage of it.


Nicola's, Ann Arbor MI

Nicola's is my home store, and we had a great kick-off. Biggest one yet!
I felt kind of rusty, but hey, it's been a year. :-)

One of my favorite parts of being on tour is meeting the people who work the bookstores, and along with that comes the back rooms. Now, call me a philistine if you will, but I truly like the behind-the-scenes back rooms of bookstores. Somehow they are all alike, and yet, not one is the same. The first picture is me with a few of the boxes of signed and personalized EVER AFTERS that Nicola's handled this year. It went so well, I do believe we will be offering signed and personalized books again next publication.

And me and my Nicola's roadies! We had a lot for a store I've only signed in a few times. Michigander's rock! Click the photo to go to the high res copy to snag for your own use.


University Bookstore, Seattle WA

If I'm talking to Duane, then I'm at University Book Store in Seattle. This is one of my favorite stores, one I hit almost every year. Usually they are one of the last on the tour, but I managed to get there earlier, and the feel of the Q&A was different as no one had read it yet.

Sean of the Signed Page was there as well, getting his copies signed to send out to his clientele. He is also the producer of SUVUDU, and soon as I have a link to his video, I will drop it on the front page.

Harper USTREAMED the entire event so everyone could get an idea of what we do and how much fun we have at one of my events. Yep, we get a little silly, and you can see the short reading and Q&A for yourself at the archived copy.
Kim Harrison at University Bookstore, 1/23/2013.

Here I am with my University Bookstore Roadies! Thanks guys for coming out and helping me celebrate the publication of EVER AFTER. I'm really excited about this one. It might become my next new favorite. Click the photo to go to the high res copy to snag for your own use.


Powell's Books, Portland OR (Beaverton, Cedar Hills Crossing)

I think I've missed signing at Powells perhaps once since I've been going out on extended tours, and by now, they know me well there. It was one of my best crowds yet, and everyone was so patient as we slowly worked through the signing line.

Before the signing I chilled out in back with Peter where we signed some stock and ogled the new taxidermy.

Didn't I say every back room was unique? Yep, this I can honestly say I've never seen before.

And one last moment to regroup before the event.

And my Powell's Books roadies! We had a lot, and even a few from previous years. It just keeps getting better! Click to go to the high res copy to snag for yourself.


Mysterious Galaxy, San Diego CA

It was a dark and stormy night in San Diego. Seriously, I'm not kidding. It rained the entire time I was there, but that was okay because the event at Mysterious Galaxy was smokin'!

I love this cover, but that's kind of creepy. I left a LOT of signed EVER AFTERs and INTO THE WOODS. If you want one of them, I've got a link to Mysterious Galaxy's page. You'll have to scroll a little. Mysterious Galaxy - buy Kim's book I don't know how long these will hold out, so don't wait if you really want one.

The rain did not scare Mysterious Galaxy's roadies away! Click the image to go to the higher res photo to snag for yourself if you were there.


Barnes and Noble, Phoenix AZ (Desert Ridge Marketplace)

I had some help signing the stock I left behind. If you're looking for the back list, I left a couple signed of each, and of course, lots of EVER AFTER.

The crowd completely floored me! You can't see it from here, but they stretch a good way back. The last time I was in Phoenix was at a festival two or three years ago. It was great to see a few familiar faces.

And my roadies! Thanks guys! Just click for the high res copy to snag for yourself.

A-a-a-a-and we made it to the end! Thank you, Fay and Rachael. You made it a great signing.


Tattered Cover Book Store, Denver CO (Lower Downtown store)

Tattered Cover in Denver CO is a huge, fab store, and they've got three of them! I never got to the back room, but that's cool since I got to wander among the stacks. I left a lot of signed books though, which should be showing up at all three stores. Here I am with the Tattered Cover's roadies. Wow! Thanks for coming out, guys! You made it a great event! Just click the photo to get to the high res copy for your own use.


Murder by the Book, Houston TX

John, Murder by the Book's event coordinator and me signing books before the event. Murder by the Book has a cozy back room, in fact, the entire store has the feel of someone's living room. It was very welcoming after being a week on the road.

Scrap booking! I've started a pinterest account, which is basically online scrap booking, but dudes! this is fabulous!

And the Murder by the Book's roadies! Thank you, guys, for coming out.For those of you who want a higher resolution photo, just click the image to bring up a bigger one.


Bookpeople, Austin TX

Austin! You were sunny and warm! And the weather was good, too. :-)

I had a busy afternoon with a Goodreads chat (click to see the podcast) and two interviews, but when the sun set, I was ready to go! I'd signed at Book People twice before, I think, and the crowd was totally fabulous.

And the roadie picture! We tried something new this time, so I have both pictures. Click the photo to go to the high res copy, and snag for yourself!


Barnes and Noble, Dallas TX

Dallas! I have been to Dallas a few times in the past, and it was as warm and inviting as I remembered. I had a chance before the bookstore event to chat with a select group of Fresh Fiction ladies, sort of dinner and a private Q&A. Tons of fun. For more info on what Fresh Fiction is and does, check them out: Fresh Fiction

I had to take a group photo. Again, click for the higher res picture if you want it for yourself. Unfortunately it's very blurry. Sorry. Low light and a new camera.

Me and Vicki Pettersson of the Zodiac and The Forgiven persuasion. It was a total surprise when I started touting my favorite authors, and Guy pointed her out to me. Zing! Made my night!

My Dallas Barnes and Noble roadies! Thanks, Guys! Just click the picture to get to the higher res copy, and snag it for yourself.


Quail Ridge Books, Raleigh NC

Despite having lived in South Carolina for over a decade, I'd never been to Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh. I knew it was a college town but I wasn't sure if there was going to be 30 people or 100 at the event. Both me and the event's manager were pleasantly surprised to find a rockin crowd waiting with people coming in from Tennessee and Minneapolis.

Didn't I say I liked the back rooms of bookstores? Yep.

My Quail Ridge roadies! It was a massive crowd, pulling in people from all over. Thanks guys!
Click photo to bring up larger, high res photo to snag for your own use.


Malaprops Bookstore, Asheville NC

Malaprops! I'd never been to Asheville, so I didn't know what to expect, especially on a chilly Monday. The back room was very cool with more pictures of critters. This guy was too cool to resist.

And when I got out to the event, it just got better! Most of the people in the crowd hadn't been to one of my events before, so the Q&A was lively and the questions were great.

We even had more than a few tour shirts for the "family photo!" Thanks, Guys for coming out on a Monday. :-) It was a great event! Click photo to go to the higher res copy and lift for your own use.

And we were still smiling after the event! This is me with two of the book store employees and a member of All Romance All the Time.


Joseph Beth Books, Cincinnati OH

Joseph Beth was my last tour stop before heading home and hitting one last local store, and we did it up right! I was back in the Hollows, and it felt great! Here I am with my roadies. It's hard to see, but we've got four different tour shirts here. Thanks guys! Just click to get to the higher res copy to lift for yourself.

Scott and Heather, who kept the line moving and helped keep me well hydrated. -laugh- It was a fab event, and if you get the chance to go to one at Joseph Beth, do so! They really know how to do it.


Schuler Books and Music, Lansing MI


Schuler's was snow covered outside, and warm inside! It was the perfect place to end the tour. I signed a few pre-sold books in back, and then hit the floor for the event.

Just click the photo to go to the higer res picture to snag for you own use. Thanks for coming out guys! It was great seeing you all again!













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