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I've collected a few pictures of some of the real places mentioned in the books.  Most recently is the Mackinac Bridge.  I've a link to the live camera they have on it as well.  Periodically, you can see an ocean tanker sliding under it.  live bridge cam  But below is simply a snapshot of the day I was there.

The Mighty Mack

Mackinac Bridge, Mackinaw City, MI

Eden Park, Cincinnati, OH

Twin Lakes Bridge

This is the view from Twin Lakes Bridge in Eden park, looking toward the restrooms.

Eden Park Bridge

And looking from the restrooms, here is an excellent view of the bridge.

Fountain Square, Cincinnati, OH

Fountian Square

Here is Fountain Square in 2005 before they remodeled it.  It wasn't done the last time I was there.  And yes, that's me.  ;-)   Behind the fountain is Carew Tower.  They recently updated the area.  If you'd like to see it now, here's a link to the live camera.  http://www.aroundcinci.com/icams/fountain/

Rachel's Church?

Rachel's Church?

I found this church while traveling, and though while not in Cincy, it has the look and size of how I imagined Rachel's church to be.

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