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Mysterious Galaxy, San Diego CA

Family photo time! I had a lot of Mysterious Galaxy roadies. I hadn't been to MG since the Ever After tour, so this was my first time in the new store. I very much like their new digs, and I'm looking forward to seeing how their new back room evolves into chaos and loving nick knacks they all have. This is the first time I'd seen one with a fake cat perched at the ceiling, though.

Tim getting a picture of Rob taking a picture of the family photo!

First in line!

Love to see the Dawn Cook titles come through the line!

The winners of the very limited poster!

It's hard to see, but she's got elf ears. It's Ceri!

Family affair!

Yep, it's a real tattoo!

Long time readers. It was great to see you again.

More long -time stalker, er, readers. These guys even showed up at Rock Hill one year when I lived in SC

Tradition dictates that this photo be taken. (grin)

Usually I spend my last half hour at the store signing stock. Not this time! Bags and bags, but since they just wanted a signature, it was easy peasy.

Thanks for a great event, guys! I hope to come back next year, with tie-die Tour T's!

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