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And, we're off on another Kim Harrison tour! I'm taking the bus this year instead of hopping planes, and I am totally ruined now. This big baby of a bus came tooling down my small city streets at 9:00 am, picking me and Tim up and taking us to Cincinnati for the first couple of radio interviews, and then on to the signing at Joseph-Beth. It 's very much like sailing on a large overnighter, believe it or not, and I know I'll be coming back from this tour relaxed instead of stressed out. Good way to go.

I'm going to try to get a couple of stops with our family photo outside the bus, but we'll see.


Nicola's, Ann Arbor MI

But before Cincinnati, was my home store in Ann Arbor, Nicola's!

I was totally floored to see how many of you came out with tour Ts, both for The Drafter and for past books. I only wish the bus had been there, but alas, it wasn't scheduled to arrive until the next morning. We had a few people who had actually read the book already, and I was able to answer a few spoiler questions up at the signing table, but otherwise, we talked about the ending of the Hollows and what might be coming next. Just click to get to the high res copy for your own use.

And there be dragons at Nicola's! Spunk is traveling with me, taking photos of the other dragons he might find on tour, so if you've been knitting along with me, come on out!

This is Pat's last year with me for a while. This is the woman who has been making sure all those signed and personalized books you are ordering from Nicola's are treated well and get to you in good condition. She's off to Paris to continue her education, and I will miss her! I'm so glad she was there for the first of Peri Reed's.

More Pictures from Nicola's

JosephBeth, Cincinnati, OH

Wednesday was a busy day, going from Detroit to Cincinnati. We came in early for the 7:00 pm signing so I could talk to Mark over at the FlyPodcast. If you'd like to hear the podcast, I've got it here: Cover to Cover. We had a great chat about past, present, and future before he got a tour of the bus.

My second interview was with long-time interviewer Mark over at the PBS station. I'm not sure where/when this interview is going to be broadcast, but I'll have the link when it does. Mark actually reads my work, which makes for a great interview as he asks questions YOU might ask.

And then the signing! I've got a two-three man crew with me this year helping with the pictures, so if you come out, be prepared for the next-best-thing in signing. (grin) We gave away a couple of shirts along with the Opti pins, too.

And then the signing! I've got a two-three man crew with me this year helping with the pictures, so if you come out, be prepared for the next-best-thing in signing. (grin) We gave away a couple of shirts along with the Opti pins, too.

Some of the readers hung around until the end so we could take a picture beside the bus. I think we might do this at every stop. It was a great way to end the signing. Click to go to the high res copy for yourself.

More Pictures

Joseph-Beth, Lexington KY

Lexington, KY has been one of my usual stops for a while now, and being on the bus, (and not at the mercy of the gods and goddesses of the air) I had the time to do some media before the signing. Here I am with Lauren on their Books and Beyond segment at ABC36. If it is put on line, I'll link to it here. Short and sweet, and no spoilers--well, no big ones.

Trish, from Jo-Beth, came out to the studio, but it wasn't until later that day at the store that things started to really get going.

Me and my Drafter roadies! We gave away tour T's and a Kim Harrison tote bag, and then even the big Drafter banner.

The event was very laid back, with questions ranging from how to break into print all the way to my growing milkweed patch. (If you're looking for the knitted Monarch butterfly, I've got a post here.)

Love it when the kids come out, because if they see books are important to mom, they will be important to them.

Winners of the big banner! If I can, I'll be giving them away at each stop along with tour T's.

A close up of Spunk and his new friend. We both think they look like firelizards. I love seeing the dragons from the knit along. (Want to knit one? Get started here. Want to win one? Save your Drafter receipts. We're having a raffle.)

A few people stayed until the end, and we got a great shot in front of the bus.

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Quail Ridge Books and Music, Raleigh, NC

Quail Ridge Books and Music! I believe this is my 4th year signing in Raleigh, and it just keeps getting better. here I am with all my roadies, doing the classic "kiss-kiss." Ah, Kisten, you may be gone, but you are not forgotten. That's the great thing about books. They will always be there even when new characters come to entertain.

If you are looking for the photos that the Premiere team took, they are at KimHarrisonTour.com

And we had dragons! Not just one, but two! I've been watching this one come along piece by piece on instagram if I'm not mistaken. He's a beauty!

The second had a few . . . "military?" modifications? It's hard to see, but it's a para dragon, ready to jump.


I can't believe how many of you are staying past the end of the signing to get a picture in front of that tour bus! Thank you, guys! I've always said I've got the best readers.

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Park Road Books, Charlotte, NC

Click for a high res copy. My Park Road, roadies! I think the last time I was at Park Road, I was wearing leather.

Yep, I was. 2005, for Every Which Way But Dead. (I can't believe I still have the photo.) I do believe I like my new look better, but I don't regret my leather-stage. It's all good, and if you're not growing and changing, you're dying.

It's hard to see the detail, but the pen Ken gave me is absolutely stunning. He made it himself, and every part of it has meaning down to the dragon and snake wood barrel. I generally don't accept gifts unless the giver has made them him or herself, and I will be enjoying the weight of it for a long time. Thank you, Ken. It is much appreciated.

Click for high res copy

More Pictures

Barnes and Noble, Atlanta, GA

B&N Atlanta! I don't believe I've ever signed there, but there were still a LOT of familiar faces, some I've known for almost ten years. (Now that's commitment!) Here I am with all my roadies.

Just click to get to the higher resolution picture

I love it when entire families come out. And with shirts!

MIke was still wearing his Dragon Con badge, but he came out to see me. Every year since 2006. :-) (And if I misremember his name, I'm going to be so embarrassed.)

We had a great group stick around until the end for the group photo in front of the bus. Thanks for braving Dragon Con and Football traffic to come out and see me. I hope we can do it again next year!

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Books-A-Million Birmingham, AL

BAM at Birmingham was one of the more memorable stops, with a couple of people who, whether they know it or not, have impacted me. Ms. H, Mr. R, I'm looking at you! ;-) The smiles and "hi's" when I came into the store were wonderfully welcoming, and it was great to see so many familiar faces. We had A LOT of roadies. Thanks, guys. You make the travel all worth while.

Ms. H is the person who unknowingly got me back into knitting again when she gave me a ball of wool that she dyed herself: PIxy Steel. You never know how far a small kindness will grow. Thanks, again, Ms. H.

I don't know how I missed taking a picture of Mr. R, but his words to me last year made a bad day better and have stuck with me . It was great seeing you again, too.

:-) Love the smiles.

Aspiring writer brings me Opti labeled muffins! Thank you!

We had a great crowd linger to the end of the signing to take a picture before the bus.

Thanks, Guys! Saying bye is a lot more fun outside the store than at the signing table.

More Pictures

Barnes and Noble, Nashville, TN

Last stop was Nashville, at a fabulous B&N. Lots of roadies, which was a surprise because I believe this was the first time I had ever signed here. We had a great group of questions that made me think, and even a dragon for Spunk to commiserate with. ;-)

Just click to go to the high res copy.

This is me turning red when I realized, halfway through the Q&A, that my cousins were sitting in the audience.

Tim handing out freebies, and despite his claim he gives out spoilers for 20s and 50s, he knows better. (wink)

James, to my left, was right up front with me for most of the tour, keeping the sighing going smoothly. Thanks, James!

And just when I though we'd seen the last of the dragons, we had another, and Spunk got to talk to another of his siblings. This was a beauty! Thank you for bringing him out. :-)

The last group shot at Nashville. It had gone dark and warm by the time we got outside, a beautiful late summer night. Thanks, Guys. You make it all worth while.

More Pictures


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